"We are living in the most exciting time of church history. In the midst of a global outpouring of His Spirit, God is raising up an emerging leadership to usher in the greatest harvest in history. Tony Kim is one of these leaders that God is raising up for such a time as this. As his spiritual father, I wholeheartedly support his amazing ministry. I can vouch for his character and integrity. He is first a family man, but God is using him to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom with signs and wonders following him. I highly recommend him."

CHE AHN | Harvest International Ministry, President


Thank you for inviting me to come and minister at your event. Please fill out the following information and send it back to us as soon as possible. It is an honor to serve you and the vision God has laid upon your heart. We prayerfully consider every invitation request that is submitted. Thank you and God bless you!