Bridging Revival and Reformation

Since the 90’s, we have been privileged to experience several different revivals that were birthed in places such as: Catch the Fire Toronto, Brownsville in Pensacola, H Rock Church in Pasadena, and the most notable in our present day - Bethel Church in Redding, only to name a few. These places continue to steward revival and yet, it is no secret that there is a greater hunger and anticipation for another “move of God” or “outpouring” or “revival.” There are other cities where revival fires are breaking out presently such as the Fire and Glory Outpouring in San Diego, amongst others. In modern day perspective on revival, there is much conversation about how the recent revivals have not translated to impacting society. 

With this hunger for more of His Presence, there are prayer strikes within homes of unknown individuals to stadiums with global influencers in hopes of another great revival to take place in our day. I am one of these – one of the unknown individuals. 

In 2015, the night before Yom Kippur, one of my prophet friends, Jerame Nelson, texted me and said, “God wants to visit you so get ready for a visitation.” I thought to myself, “you are the one who receives visitations from God, not me.” I was in Asia during that time speaking at a conference so after the evening session, I went back to my room and waited with my heart turned towards Him for a couple of hours. Nothing took place. I went to bed and awoke the next morning with the remembrance of a vivid dream. God visited me in the night. I don’t have time to go into the dream but what God spoke to me was this: “My sons and daughters know how to move in power, and now it is time that My sons and daughters know how to move in power and authority.” 

Revival is released by power. When the power of God is released, moves of God are birthed, albeit, at different scales. It is when the Spirit of God moves upon His people (His Church) that encounters such as Acts 2 takes place.  Gifts begin to flow and demonstrations are released. While we love and embrace all the manifestations, the essence of revival is when Holy Spirit touches the human spirit to awaken us back to first love. Revival is when the fire of His love consumes us and we love Him back with that love. It is relational… it is personal! It is Spirit to spirit! We must not quench the Holy Spirit! 

Many books have been written on the theme of revival: the history, the individuals, sermons, characteristics, etc., and I would like to highlight one characteristic that bridges revival and reformation together – HOLINESS! 

Reformation is released by authority. Authority is delegated from God to His children. One major way to walk in authority is to live a life of holiness. I believe there is a new holiness movement that is not based out of religiosity, but instead, based out of a love-sick generation who will not compromise and choose not to grieve the Holy Spirit. When “holiness” is preached or talked about, I often hear from those in my generation statements like “that person is religious,” or, when one chooses to abstain from something out of personal conviction, “stop being so religious.” I do understand where they are coming from but we must understand that “holiness” is not religious. 1 Peter 1:16 says “be holy,” not “do holy.” Holiness is our identity and from identity, we have intimacy with God. Holiness is our Divine design! The fruit of holiness is purity. Holiness and purity are what keeps us in right relationship with Father.  This is authority! 

Transformation is the fruit of revival and reformation. There is an invitation this season not only to move in great power but also in great authority. When power and authority are coupled together, transformation takes place that impacts all of society. It is sustained change that takes place, which becomes a legacy for generations to come. 

It is Holy Spirit that revives our spirit, renews our mind, and reforms our heart, which bears the fruit of transformation. God is raising up a new breed of revivalists that moves in great power and walks in great authority.  We are this generation! This is your invitation! 

Action Points

  1. Is there anything in my life that is “quenching the Holy Spirit?” 
  2. Is there anything in my life that is “grieving the Holy Spirit?” 
  3. Ask Holy Spirit to forgive you.
  4. Ask Holy Spirit to renew your mind. 
  5. Ask Holy Spirit to fill you and empower you to live out this mandate.