Becoming Unoffendable: 8 Steps to Overcoming Offense

God created us for relationship, not meetings, not conferences, not even ministry.  

“There is a weapon the enemy uses to break the bond of unity and is called offense.” 

“There is a weapon the enemy uses to break the bond of unity and is called offense.” 

God created us for deep connection, heart to heart, spirit to Spirit, relational connection. God created us for relationship.  With this intentional created purpose, there is an opposing spirit that causes strife, dissension and envy, where the core of relationship breaks, where self preservation becomes the objective in life. There is a weapon the enemy uses to break the bonds of unity and peace. It is called “offense.”

There are two offenses that we must overcome to advance in life. The most notable offense is "Personal offense," which we commonly speak of. Yet, there is another type of offense that is much more subtle and cloaked in the language of "love" and (or) "justice" but is equally as poisonous and destructive as one holding "personal offense."

I call it "Taking offense on behalf of someone else" or "second hand offense." This may look like "love" or "justice" for the person you are close to or advocating for, yet, it still brings criticism, hostility and judgment toward another. This is false love. This is false justice. True Kingdom expression of love and justice is reconciliation and restoration of all parties.

Ask yourself two critical questions:

1. What personal offense do I have toward God, myself, and (or) others?

2. Am I taking on offense on behalf of someone else?

Now, ask God to help realign and recalibrate you into true love (agape) and Kingdom justice.

Here is a procession to overcoming offense:

1.  Ask God to see if there is any offense: direct offense or 2nd hand. (hurtful ways in you)

2. Ask Holy Spirit to help you forgive.

3. Forgive those who hurt you or those who hurt a loved one you are "defending." Name them out loud and how you were hurt.

4. Repent and ask God to forgive you for judging them and (or) for taking on an offense on behalf of someone else.

5. Renounce your agreement with the offense that you were holding on to. Pray "in the name of a Jesus, I renounce my agreement and partnership with this offense. I declare it has no hold in me and on me in the name of Jesus. I release this offense from my life in Jesus name!

6. Receive forgiveness from God. Say out loud: "I receive your forgiveness for me holding onto offense, whether direct or 2nd hand."

7. Thank God for His forgiveness. Thank God for freeing you from offense.

8. Ask for a fresh filling of the Holy Spirit. Pray healing, reconciliation, restoration for everyone, including yourself. Walk in the power of the Holy Spirit and love like Jesus.

Personal declaration: I am created to be unoffendable in world of great offense. I am so captivated by Gods love that I choose forgiveness in times when I am hurt or wounded, therefore, choosing to remain unoffendable. Amen!

Tony Kim